Dunaway continues to have relevant discussions around culture, the characteristic features, and personality of an organization.

In early 2020, we rolled out our three foundational pillars: Core Values, One Heart, and Profitable Growth. A lot has happened since we rolled out these pillars, yet they seem even more important and powerful as we continue our journey to make the Dunaway Difference! Dunaway stands committed to these pillars. We stand behind equality and support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We are ONE TEAM, ONE BODY, ONE HEART – we are all in this together.

In 2022, Dunaway is partnering with DEI Consultants to further establish a clear baseline as to where leadership and the organization is in relation to understanding key DEI concepts, relevance and application to our corporate mission, vision & core values, operations, strategic direction, challenges, and opportunities. We have chosen a multiple phased approach and rollout of this initiative.

Phase One: Discovery (Survey, Assessment, Interviews, and Focus Groups)

  • Custom designed confidential Online Survey/Assessment to Executive Committee followed by an analysis and written summary.
  • Focus Groups with Executive Leadership.
  • Custom designed confidential Online Survey/Assessment to all Team members followed by an analysis and written summary
  • Focus Groups with Team Members
  • Identify and discuss conclusions and strategies to explore application and implementation of DEI best practices, potential ideas, and strategies.
  • Provide written report of inputs with recommendations for action framework.
  • Establish a workable DEI Roadmap for Dunaway

Phase Two: Implementation of DEI Roadmap

  • Incorporate DEI Roadmap into Dunaway everyday practices, processes and procedures.
  • On-going evaluation of DEI initiatives and roadmap to ensure consistent application.
  • Continued monitoring and updating of Dunaway DEI Roadmap for improvements/enhancements.

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