As a complement to the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular Operating Room Suite, CATH Lab, clinical areas, and family-centered amenities, the Happy Heart Sculpture Garden wraps around the third-floor roof of Cook Children’s Medical Center’s South Tower and totals just over 7,000 square feet. Designed to offer dynamic views from patient rooms and give visitors an outdoor respite for a breath of fresh air, the sculpture series is themed after the physical, mental, and spiritual components that contribute to a “Happy Heart,” such as: 

  • Community (love and support from friends, family, and neighbors) is symbolized by an elegant grove of aspen trees connected by their roots to form a united network of stability
  • Peace (calm and security flowing out of quiet rest) is symbolized by pools of serene water singing a tranquil melody of comfort and relief
  • Hope (strength and resilience that blooms from a courageous spirit) is symbolized by a bright display of spring flowers bursting with color and reaching upward

Tying each of these sculptures together is the Ribbon of Life, which overflows with rejuvenation, abounds with promise, and binds us with each other. Also making their home in the garden is a collection of animals which include bunnies, birds, and even fireflies – all following the Ribbon of Life from one sculpture to the next. Patients and families can find these animals from their rooms or from the outdoor seating area, which is accessible from the Family Waiting Room. This 735 square foot accessible outdoor space includes shaded bench seating, acrylic block seating, tables for outdoor dining, and donor recognition signage. Soft nature sounds also help create a welcome retreat from the stress families may be encountering during their hospital stay. 


Cook Children’s was named one of the top twenty most beautiful hospitals in the United States in 2019.