As the City of Weatherford, Texas rapidly grows and continually expands its transportation infrastructure, City staff has recognized the modern roundabout as the preferred intersection option. The location of Charles Street and Mockingbird Lane was selected as the initial intersection to receive the implementation of a roundabout within city limits. 

The intersection serves as a gateway between neighboring schools, libraries, parks, and residents. Previously existing as a four-way stop condition, the intersection was prone to peak hour congestion and did not provide safe pedestrian usage.  

The installation of this Dunaway-designed roundabout has alleviated traffic congestion, and more importantly, provides safe pedestrian crossings to connect all neighborhood elements. This is the first roundabout installation for both the City of Weatherford and Parker County.  This project was awarded the 2017 Project of the Year – Transportation by the American Public Works Association (APWA) Texas Chapter. 


2017, Texas APWA Transportation Project of the Year