The update to the 1995 City of Lake Worth Comprehensive Plan focused on the horizon year of 2035. Only the second plan prepared for the city, the implementation of the plan upholds the city’s mission statement: “Honoring our Past with a Vision for the Future.

Dunaway produced the final plan, incorporating survey results through a robust community engagement process which included a stakeholder committee and coordination with several local civic organizations. Future land use decisions and implementation tasks were supported by spatial and fiscal analysis performed by Felix Landry. While implementation of the plan is focused on both maintaining the small-town character and promoting economic sustainability, the city also acknowledges its neighboring uses—the natural environment around the lake and the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (NAS FW JRB). In addition to the plan document, Dunaway also prepared and provided an online version of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. In summary, the plan and its implementation positions Lake Worth for continued success within the region for years to come.

Upon approval of the plan, the city immediately began the process to update its development regulations. Over the course of 15 months, Dunaway worked with city staff to analyze existing regulations, discuss current difficulties in administration and enforcement, and proposed updates scaled to the character and size of the jurisdiction. The updates include new zoning districts, a new Land Use Table, and updated subdivision procedures in accordance with new state law. The review and approval process included a workshop with the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council, a Town Hall meeting, and a public hearing.    

In summary, the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and the updated Development Regulations position Lake Worth for continued success within the region for years to come.