Like many cities in the North Texas region, the City of Weatherford has experienced rapid community growth in recent years. In a progressive response to this growth, City leaders have made a concerted effort to implement modern and efficient traffic congestion solutions, including roundabouts at select intersections. The Dunaway design team of engineers and landscape architects first collaborated with the City on their award-winning Mockingbird Lane Roundabout and are currently working on a new roundabout at the southern entrance to Weatherford College – home of the Coyotes. This prominent intersection not only serves as a vehicular gateway to the College but will also serve as a major pedestrian connection between the main campus and key destinations like off-campus housing and baseball / softball fields.

The Dunaway team partnered with City staff and College leadership to develop a roundabout concept that addresses traffic engineering issues at the intersection and expresses the spirited character of Weatherford College. Improvements feature three large bronze coyote sculptures, lush ornamental plantings, new pedestrian gateway arches and a series of tiered stone retaining walls and decorative boulders. The arches and walls are designed with materials inspired by modern campus architecture, as well as, the rustic ‘Old Main Stone’ which was found in remnants at the historic campus site. Future improvements may include a Victory Plaza that will serve as group gathering before baseball games and as a trailhead for a future citywide trail network connection.

APWA Texas Chapter

2017 Transportation Project of the Year (Less Than $2 Million)