The City of Dallas selected Dunaway to provide planning+landscape architecture services for all six spraygrounds identified in the 2017 bond package. Public demand and political forces required that the projects be designed, approved, and constructed in less than one year.  

Dunaway’s mandate from the City of Dallas was to provide an equal level of service at each location, while also creating unique designs that respond to the park and the community and nearby amenities. Each sprayground ranges in surface area from 2,800 to 3,000 square feet and has its distinct theme and water-play features. The colorful elements and range of water activities are very engaging for kids, both young and old. 

Other important elements to the project include: 

  • using an acrylic cement topping to mitigate the risk of slip and falls 
  • creating ample seating and shaded areas around the perimeter to maximize spectator comfort as well as adding seat walls and group tables for participants 
  • varying the intensity of the water features throughout the sprayground based on the age of the participants 


From Our Client

"Dunaway advanced the design phase with creative solutions for each sprayground, carefully listening to staff needs. They showed a total commitment each step of the way to bring these projects to reality."
David Mills, Project Manager - City of Dallas