Dunaway has worked closely with the lead engineering firm RS&H and DFW staff to conduct a thorough utility investigation of the runway during night closures. The team identified over 390,000 linear feet of utilities within the runway area and completed 80 high-quality test holes on the runway and adjacent taxiways.

The project involved detailed research and the creation of a comprehensive utility file for Runway 18R before its redevelopment by DFW. This required extensive coordination, including a complete utility conflict analysis and the development of a SUE Exploration Program narrative for the bidding process.

For the test holes, Dunaway used its own vacuum excavation equipment and partnered with LineQuest for hydro-excavation of deeper facilities. This included uncovering four major fuel and gas lines within the impact area, with concrete caps ranging from 2 to 15 feet wide and up to 20 feet deep.