Oncor Electric Delivery Company is Texas’ largest transmission and distribution utility, serving more than 10 million customers in 401 cities and 91 counties throughout the state. Oncor relies on Dunaway for ongoing, on-call survey services to support improvements of Oncor’s electric distribution capacity and reliability across Texas. Survey assignments include right-of-way (ROW) and easement staking, easement creation, TxDOT crossing permit drawings, and property research for upgrades to deliver electrical and wind-generated energy. In 2011, Dunaway began its relationship with Oncor as a survey consultant, reviewing the surveyor work provided by other firms. In 2013, Dunaway’s relationship with Oncor expanded to transmission projects — ranging from substations and switchyards to providing topographic surveys. Initially beginning with projects in West Texas, our involvement has grown to include projects across the state of Texas. Since 2011, Dunaway has completed 132 projects for Oncor including signing/sealing 101 easement parcels. In the last six months, our survey team has fulfilled 23 transmission projects for substations and switchyards, providing topographic survey, bounding, and SUE Level B services. 

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