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Through our Associate, Associate Principal, and Principal program, we provide a clear pathway to ownership for outstanding employees.

Dunaway prides itself not only on being the leading independent multi-discipline design firm in Texas – but also on being a “Legacy firm.” One of the ways we create a legacy is by providing a clear path to ownership for outstanding employees through our Associates, Associate Principals, and Principals program.

Associates are employees who exhibit outstanding service or experience and continuously display our Core Values, either at Dunaway or with a previous employer.

Associate Principals are employees who have the potential to become successful Principals at Dunaway. These individuals have shown exceedingly high dedication to Dunaway, a consistent attitude of going above and beyond in their roles within their team, and in support of the overall company.

Principals are employees who embody our core values and excel in one or more of the following: leadership, brand ambassador, increases revenue and/or profit, has a one-team mentality.

But what truly sets the nominees apart from the rest? These individuals not only abide by our core values – they embody them. Our Associates, Associate Principals, and Principals arrive each day with a glass-half-full mentality – possessing grit and motivation while always being committed team players.

Please join us as we welcome our newest Associates, Associate Principals, and Principals for 2024!


Associate Principals